Business Operations Course Content

☑️E-commerce Marketplace Seller Onboarding and Account Setup

  • Documentation Requirements for Onboarding
  • Creating a Seller Account and Basic Setup
  • Managing Account Settings and Business Details
  • Exploring Warehouse Opportunities and Operational Parameters
  • User Permissions and Access Management
  • Managing Shipping settings

☑️Marketplace Packaging Strategies

  • Types of Packaging Materials Used
  • Ordering Packaging Material via Seller Portal
  • Impact of Packaging on Customer Experience

☑️Navigating Seller Dashboard

  • Exploring the Seller Dashboard
  • Insight into the Flipkart/Amazon Product Page

☑️Leveraging Flipkart/Amazon Seller Support

  • Seeking Assistance for Category Selection
  • Addressing Bank Account and KYC Issues
  • Resolving pickup address modification Issues

☑️Category and Brand Approvals

  • Selecting Appropriate Product Categories
  • Obtaining Brand Authorization and Approval
  • Monitoring Brand Approval Applications
  • Seeking GTIN Exemption
  • Applying for Amazon Brand Registry

☑️Keyword Analysis for Product Listings

  • Significance of Keywords in Listings
  • Criteria for Effective Keyword Selection
  • Using Tools like Helium 10 for Keyword Research

☑️Optimizing Content for Product Listings
1) Visual Content: Images, Infographics, Videos

  • >What are product images and infographics and video
  • >How does product images and infographics help the business
  • >Guidelines for images
  • >Guidelines for product video
  • >Significance of A+ Content and Brand Store on Amazon and Flipkart

2) Catalog Creation and Modification

  • List products already in Flipkart & Amazon's catalogue
  • List products that are not currently in Flipkart & Amazon's catalogue
  • 1. Add individual product to Flipkart & Amazon's catalog
  • >Updating an individual Product - Pricing, Inventory, Attributes, Graphics
  • 2.Add Multiple Products to Flipkart & Amazon's catalog
  • >Updating Multiple Products - Pricing, Inventory, Attributes, Graphics

3) Managing Catalog Variations for Products

  • Understanding the concept of product variation in catalog
  • Significance of creating variations
  • Managing variations for a product

☑️Pricing Strategies

  • Understanding Product Pricing
  • Exploring Flipkart and Amazon's Rate Card
  • Designing a Pricing Calculator
  • Updating MRP for Products
  • Setting Minimum and Maximum Prices
  • Resolving Issues Caused by Potential Pricing Errors

☑️Efficient Order Fulfilment and Tracking

  • Order Fulfilment Process on Flipkart & Amazon
  • Tracking Orders, Returns, and Cancellations
  • Managing Safety Claims and Resolution

☑️Engaging in Deals and Promotions

  • Understanding Types of Deals and Promotions
  • Participating in Flipkart & Amazon's Offers and Promotions
  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Sales Through Coupon and Basket Offer Creation
  • Crafting Exclusive Price Discounts to Flipkart and Amazon's Prime Members
  • Exploring the Flipkart & Amazon's Rewards Programs

☑️Warehouse Onboarding(FBF & FBA)

  • Exploring Warehouse Onboarding Opportunities
  • Initiating Onboarding and Generating Documentation
  • Incorporating Additional Business Locations

☑️Consignment Creation and Inventory Management

  • Preparing and Setting Up Consignments
  • Verifying Compliance and MRP Labels
  • Downloading Shipment Documents and Acknowledgment
  • Managing Inwarding Status and Inventory Discrepancies
  • Strategizing Inventory Count for Shipment
  • Recall of Inventory from Warehouse

☑️Warehouse Inventory Planning and Management

  • Effective Management of Warehouse Inventory
  • Understanding "Days on Hand" Concept
  • Strategies for Warehouse Inventory Planning

☑️Customer Experience and Performance Overview

  • Seller Tier Details and Benefits
  • Trending Tier Calculation and Benchmarks
  • Monitoring Sales, Service Quality, and Customer Experience
  • Performance Overview and Buyer Messages
  • An Overview of Amazon's STEP Dashboard
  • Amazon's Voice of the Customer Program

☑️Payments and Financial Management

  • Tracking Settled and Upcoming Payments
  • Order Level Payment Tracking

☑️Generating and Analyzing Reports

  • Types of Reports in the Flipkart & Amazon Seller Dashboard
  • Returns Report and Insights
  • Amazon's Removal Order Details report
  • Commission Invoice and Transaction Details
  • Financial Year and Settled Transaction Reports
  • Tax Reports

☑️Types of Reports in the Flipkart & Amazon Seller Dashboard

  • F-assured Products Report
  • Order Report
  • Pickup Report
  • Returns Report and Insights
  • Weight Anomaly Reports
  • Commission Invoice Reports
  • Commission Invoice Transactions Details Report
  • Financial Year Report
  • Old SPF Claims Report
  • Payments Report
  • GSTR Returns Report
  • Sales Report
  • TDS Report
  • Traffic Report
  • Warehouse Level Inventory Report
  • Aged Inventory Report
  • Monthly Storage Fees Report
  • FBF/FBA Inventory Recall Report
  • FBA Customer Returns Report