Terms and Condition

Key Highlights

  • Placement Training Program

    1. Mock Interviews: Blooprint Academy offers mock interviews as a part of placement support services. These sessions are designed to simulate real interview scenarios to help candidates prepare effectively.
    2. Resume Building: Our resume building assistance aims to enhance candidates' resumes to showcase their skills and experiences optimally.

Placement support services are available exclusively to registered Blooprint Academy students. Participation in mock interviews and resume building is voluntary. Candidates may choose to opt-out if they wish. Feedback provided during mock interviews and resume building sessions is intended for constructive purposes and does not guarantee employment. Blooprint Academy ensures the confidentiality of all information shared during mock interviews and resume building sessions. Blooprint Academy reserves the right to modify or discontinue placement support services without prior notice. Blooprint Academy shall not be held liable for any outcomes resulting from mock interviews or resume building services. By availing of placement support services, candidates agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

  • Internship Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the course, Blooprint Academy offers a voluntary internship opportunity for a duration of two months. nterns who choose to work onsite at the office premises will receive a stipend. However, interns opting to work remotely online will not receive monetary compensation. Interns will be evaluated based on their performance during the internship period. This evaluation may influence the potential offer of a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO). Blooprint Academy reserves the right to offer a PPO to interns based on their performance and suitability for available positions within the organization. Acceptance of the internship offer implies agreement to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein.

  • Referral Program

    1. For Enrolled Students of Blooprint Academy: Participants of the referral program must already be registered students or alumni of Blooprint Academy to participate. Participants in the referral program can refer anyone to enroll in a course at Blooprint Academy.The person who is referred ("referee") will receive a 2000 Indian Rupees discount on the course fee. The referrer will receive the 2000 Indian Rupees Flipkart/ Amazon voucher only after the referee has successfully paid the course fees and completed a minimum of 15 days of the course. Vouchers provided as rewards are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective voucher provider (e.g., Flipkart or Amazon). Blooprint Academy is not responsible for any issues or disputes related to the vouchers.
    2. For Aspirants who are interested in the course: Participants intending to register with Blooprint Academy can refer individuals to enroll in a course. Upon successful payment of course fees and completion of a minimum 15-day course duration by both the referee and the referrer, a Flat 2000 Indian Rupees discount will be provided to each party. This offer is subject to the terms and conditions outlined by Blooprint Academy
  • All Jobs in One Place

Access to the "All Jobs in One Place" service is available exclusively to registered students of Blooprint Academy. Students will need to log in using their valid Blooprint Academy credentials to use the service.
Blooprint Academy makes reasonable efforts to collect and update job listings from external job portals regularly. However, Blooprint Academy does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or availability of job listings.
Students who use the service and wish to apply for any job listings must do so through the respective external job portal where the job listing originated. Blooprint Academy does not facilitate the job application process but provides links or redirects to external job portals for application purposes.
The "All Jobs in One Place" service is a job search and listing aggregation platform. Blooprint Academy does not guarantee job placement or employment outcomes for its students. Job placement ultimately depends on the qualifications and suitability of the candidate and the hiring decisions of employers. Blooprint Academy is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, losses, or liabilities incurred by students or users of the service while accessing or using the job listings or external job portals.
  • 7 Days Full Fee Refund

Blooprint Academy offers a full-fee refund policy to students who enroll in its courses. Students are eligible for a full refund of their course fees if they express their dissatisfaction with the course within a specified timeframe.
To qualify for a complete refund of fees, students are required to inform Blooprint Academy of their course dissatisfaction within 7 days from the official course commencement date. The only valid method for submitting such a request is via email to team@bloprintacademy.in. Requests received through email will be the sole means of consideration.
Upon receiving a refund request, Blooprint Academy will review the request and the reasons provided. Blooprint Academy reserves the right to investigate the concerns raised by the student, including seeking feedback from instructors and reviewing course materials. Blooprint Academy will make a reasonable effort to resolve the student's concerns and address any issues raised during the review process.
If, after the review process, Blooprint Academy determines that the student's concerns are valid and cannot be adequately addressed, a full refund of the course fees will be issued to the student.
Refunds will be processed in the same form of payment used for the original course enrollment. The refund will be processed within a reasonable timeframe, typically within 7 working days from the date of the refund determination.
Students who fail to notify Blooprint Academy of their dissatisfaction within the 7-day notification period will not be eligible for any refund.
    • Issuance of Certificates

    Blooprint Academy provides students with two types of certificates: Course Completion Certificate: Students will receive a Course Completion Certificate upon completing their enrolled course(s) at Blooprint Academy.
    To be eligible for a Course Completion Certificate, students must fulfill the course requirements, including attending classes, completing assignments, and meeting any other criteria specified by the course instructors or Blooprint Academy.
    Certificates will be delivered to students through a secure and verifiable digital platform.
    Attendance must reach a minimum of 75% for participation in the online course to qualify for the certificate of completion.
    • Disclaimer:

    You agree that the platform, program, content, and other information that are provided on an “as is' ' and “as available' ' basis with all faults. The user understands and agrees Blooprint Academy content and all information, data, or other materials downloaded or otherwise obtained through or from the platform or programs are obtained at the user’s own risk, and that the user will be solely responsible for any damage to the user, the user’s computer system, electronic device or any loss of data that the results from the download of such material or data.