E-commerce Business Growth and Operations

(Flipkart & Amazon)

Master the art of operations in just 8 weeks with guidance from seasoned mentors

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Ecommerce Business Growth and Operations Program

What is E-commerce Operations?

E-commerce operations are like the gears in the machinery of an online business. E-commerce includes all the steps involved in selling things online. This includes everything from when a customer first looks at products to when they get those products delivered to their home. These steps involve lots of different jobs, from onboarding abrand on ecommerce platforms, to efficient catalog and content creation, taking and processing orders, keeping track of inventory, providing friendly customer service, participating in deals and promotions, and making sure everything gets to customers on time. These operations are super important for making sure an online business runs smoothly and thrives.

E-commerce Excellence: Master the Ops

• Acquire detail knowledge of e-commerce operations, online businesses, and industry terminology.
• Develop hands-on skills through practical training in managing online stores and handling orders.
• Comprehend data analysis to enable informed decisions and enhance performance.
• Enhance problem-solving abilities to address challenges in e-commerce operations.
• Prepare for entrepreneurial ventures by learning how to set up and operate online businesses
• Explore diverse career opportunities, such as E-commerce Manager or Operations Analyst roles.

☑️E-commerce Marketplace Seller Onboarding and Account Setup

  • Documentation Requirements for Onboarding
  • Creating a Seller Account and Basic Setup
  • Managing Account Settings and Business Details
  • Exploring Warehouse Opportunities and Operational Parameters
  • User Permissions and Access Management
  • Managing Shipping settings

☑️Marketplace Packaging Strategies

  • Types of Packaging Materials Used
  • Ordering Packaging Material via Seller Portal
  • Impact of Packaging on Customer Experience

☑️Navigating Seller Dashboard

  • Exploring the Seller Dashboard
  • Insight into the Flipkart/Amazon Product Page

☑️Leveraging Flipkart/Amazon Seller Support

  • Seeking Assistance for Category Selection
  • Addressing Bank Account and KYC Issues
  • Resolving pickup address modification Issues

☑️Category and Brand Approvals

  • Selecting Appropriate Product Categories
  • Obtaining Brand Authorization and Approval
  • Monitoring Brand Approval Applications
  • Seeking GTIN Exemption
  • Applying for Amazon Brand Registry

☑️Keyword Analysis for Product Listings

  • Significance of Keywords in Listings
  • Criteria for Effective Keyword Selection
  • Using Tools like Helium 10 for Keyword Research

☑️Optimizing Content for Product Listings
1) Visual Content: Images, Infographics, Videos

  • >What are product images and infographics and video
  • >How does product images and infographics help the business
  • >Guidelines for images
  • >Guidelines for product video
  • >Significance of A+ Content and Brand Store on Amazon and Flipkart

2) Catalog Creation and Modification

  • List products already in Flipkart & Amazon's catalogue
  • List products that are not currently in Flipkart & Amazon's catalogue
  • 1. Add individual product to Flipkart & Amazon's catalog
  • >Updating an individual Product - Pricing, Inventory, Attributes, Graphics
  • 2.Add Multiple Products to Flipkart & Amazon's catalog
  • >Updating Multiple Products - Pricing, Inventory, Attributes, Graphics

3) Managing Catalog Variations for Products

  • Understanding the concept of product variation in catalog
  • Significance of creating variations
  • Managing variations for a product

☑️Pricing Strategies

  • Understanding Product Pricing
  • Exploring Flipkart and Amazon's Rate Card
  • Designing a Pricing Calculator
  • Updating MRP for Products
  • Setting Minimum and Maximum Prices
  • Resolving Issues Caused by Potential Pricing Errors

☑️Efficient Order Fulfilment and Tracking

  • Order Fulfilment Process on Flipkart & Amazon
  • Tracking Orders, Returns, and Cancellations
  • Managing Safety Claims and Resolution

☑️Engaging in Deals and Promotions

  • Understanding Types of Deals and Promotions
  • Participating in Flipkart & Amazon's Offers and Promotions
  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Sales Through Coupon and Basket Offer Creation
  • Crafting Exclusive Price Discounts to Flipkart and Amazon's Prime Members
  • Exploring the Flipkart & Amazon's Rewards Programs

☑️Warehouse Onboarding(FBF & FBA)

  • Exploring Warehouse Onboarding Opportunities
  • Initiating Onboarding and Generating Documentation
  • Incorporating Additional Business Locations

☑️Consignment Creation and Inventory Management

  • Preparing and Setting Up Consignments
  • Verifying Compliance and MRP Labels
  • Downloading Shipment Documents and Acknowledgment
  • Managing Inwarding Status and Inventory Discrepancies
  • Strategizing Inventory Count for Shipment
  • Recall of Inventory from Warehouse

☑️Warehouse Inventory Planning and Management

  • Effective Management of Warehouse Inventory
  • Understanding "Days on Hand" Concept
  • Strategies for Warehouse Inventory Planning

☑️Customer Experience and Performance Overview

  • Seller Tier Details and Benefits
  • Trending Tier Calculation and Benchmarks
  • Monitoring Sales, Service Quality, and Customer Experience
  • Performance Overview and Buyer Messages
  • An Overview of Amazon's STEP Dashboard
  • Amazon's Voice of the Customer Program

☑️Payments and Financial Management

  • Tracking Settled and Upcoming Payments
  • Order Level Payment Tracking

☑️Generating and Analyzing Reports

  • Types of Reports in the Flipkart & Amazon Seller Dashboard
  • Returns Report and Insights
  • Amazon's Removal Order Details report
  • Commission Invoice and Transaction Details
  • Financial Year and Settled Transaction Reports
  • Tax Reports

☑️Types of Reports in the Flipkart & Amazon Seller Dashboard

  • F-assured Products Report
  • Order Report
  • Pickup Report
  • Returns Report and Insights
  • Weight Anomaly Reports
  • Commission Invoice Reports
  • Commission Invoice Transactions Details Report
  • Financial Year Report
  • Old SPF Claims Report
  • Payments Report
  • GSTR Returns Report
  • Sales Report
  • TDS Report
  • Traffic Report
  • Warehouse Level Inventory Report
  • Aged Inventory Report
  • Monthly Storage Fees Report
  • FBF/FBA Inventory Recall Report
  • FBA Customer Returns Report
☑️Professionals & Founders of D2C companies
  • Enhances the capability to boost efficiency, optimize supply chains, and elevate customer satisfaction paving the way for a competitive advantage and career advancement in the online retail

☑️Aspiring D2C Entrepreneur
  • Acquire the expertise necessary for streamlining business processes, reducing expenditures, and achieving effective growth, ultimately heightening their chances of thriving in the fiercely competitive online business sphere.

  • Equips college students with career prospects, entrepreneurial skills, and digital adaptability, boosting their employability and financial literacy

☑️Job seekers
  • Improves employability, broadens career horizons, and provides practical skills in thriving fields like e-commerce management

  • Equips freelancers to diversify their offerings, become experts in profitable fields like e-commerce operations, and enhance their income prospects while staying flexible in response to market changes

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